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Principal's Message :-

At “Bihar Institute of Nursing and Paramedical” College, we offer you the opportunity to grab quality education in art of Nursing and instilling confidence for facing challenges.

It is being run and managed under “Smt. Rajmani Devi Educational Foundation,” committed to strive hard for creating ambience to quality education and training in Nursing. Since the inception of ourinstitution in the year 2010, we are endeavouring our best in the direction of attaining our goal.The information furnished in our website has been prepared to give you an overview of the opportunity that awaits you as a Nursing student.

Nursing is the promotion and optimization of healthcare services and its abilities.It is a facilitation of healing during illness and injury. It can be said that services provided through nursing is poised to change the face of healthcare as never before.

Our mission is to prepare complete professionals in nursing capable of applying knowledge, skills and attitude in the challenging modern healthcare system. A drop of water can make a sea, so a little contribution for progress brings the institution to the highest level of appreciation and recognition.

My best wishes to all my beloved .We invite you to be a part of this institute for a bright future and to meet the GNC health needs of our country